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Ecology-Of-Mind-As-A-Platform- founded in 2012, development 2013-2019
- platform for fascinations and ideation
- counter narrative to social mass media
- private, public and collaborative
- data ownership & privacy architecture
- sovereignty of the individual user, even in organisational applications
- permeability (verticals, cultures, organisations)
From January 2021 Fazzination is available as a public source project at GitHub.Fazzination.com is powered by Boolean Works

Ecology-Of-Mind-As-A-Platform, known as Fazzination.com, is an innovative platform established in 2012, with its development taking place between 2013 and 2019. The platform aims to provide a counter narrative to the traditional social mass media by fostering an environment for fascinations and ideation. It encourages creativity and the exchange of unique ideas among users.Fazzination.com offers various features, such as private, public, and collaborative spaces, allowing users to interact and share their ideas in different settings. A major focus of the platform is data ownership and privacy, ensuring that users have control over their information and maintaining a high level of security. Additionally, the platform is designed to prioritize the sovereignty of individual users, even when used within organizational contexts.The platform is designed to be permeable, meaning that it allows for the easy exchange of ideas and collaboration across various verticals, cultures, and organizations. This fosters an environment where diverse perspectives can come together and create a unique, vibrant ecosystem.In January 2021, Fazzination.com became an open-source project, making its codebase publicly available on GitHub. This allows developers and enthusiasts to contribute to the project, improve its features, and adapt it for their own needs. The repository can be found at: https://github.com/fazzio/Fazzination-Open-SourceFazzination.com is powered by Boolean Works


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